We continue to follow the Gibraltar Woman’s National Team

National Squad - Women Football - Images by Core Photography Gibraltar Stephen Ignacio & Bianca Baglietto

A lot will be heard and written within the next few weeks about the forth coming international football matches in Gibraltar, as the men’s national squad prepare for their home friendly matches against Faroe island in March.

In the meantime, and mainly away from the media hype a group of young women train preparing for their international debut.

Even the storms this weekend did not stop the Gibraltar women’s national football selection from taking to the pitch. Core Photography, assigned as the official photographers, has been documenting their progress during the past two weeks, and will continue to do so, as the team begins to promote its very existence.

Dedication, focus, and determination is the rule of the day. The images, depicting the training sessions, illustrate how under the guidance of the national coaches and managers the team prepares in earnest to make Gibraltar proud in what some would term the unlikeliest of sport for a woman. However, with football ranked as one of the main sports in Gibraltar, the grassroots levels have already begun to sprout, with young girls playing football across Gibraltar. The National Selection is just the culmination of years of forcing the point forward by people such as Tracey Baglietto, that women also play football. And from what we saw, you can be assured of 200% effort going into it.

Core Photography, with the backing from the Woman’s National Team has embarked in creating a collection of images, which will be available for official and media use, ready for the debut of the national team. The images, hi-resolution images both in colour and black and white will be available through corephotographygibraltar.com. Our online facilities makes the downloading of images in hi -resolution easy for media services wishing to avail themselves of our services with the images under one collection, and easily searchable on the site.

Further images will be made available as we follow the progress of the team, bringing also images from forthcoming training matches, and official functions and presentations, as well as individual profile images and details of each player.

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