Lincoln destroy Glacis hopes of a bright start to 2016

Gibraltar Football - 2nd January 2016 - Lincoln Red Imps 11-0 Glacis Utd An emphatic win by Lincoln Red Imps left Glacis Utd with a bitter taste at the start of the year.

From the first opening goal, just minutes from kick off Glacis were on the back foot, their pressing, attacking structured style exposed by Lincoln who provided the clearest evidence of why they look set to take the league this season.

Lincoln performed like wolves looking for a feast, even with the score at 7-0 by the start of the second half, they kept on breaking down Glacis defence. The latter who had improved on their lacklustre start to the season were found wanting in defence, with a flat four stretched to the very limits with little support from the upper lines as Lincoln always seemed to be attacking with one man more than the number in defence.

A record breaking score line for the season, of 11-0, underlined Lincolns superiority, leaving the few who had ventured to watch the match silent as they observed with stunned looks at the power play acted out by last years champions.
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