Europa defeated by St Joseph

Europa defeated by St JosephTo view full match image gallery click here

The few enthusiasts and supporters of Europa and St Joseph’s attending the Victoria Stadium this Sunday were treated to an exciting and surprising match which saw Europa drop three valueable points in their attempt to keep within distance of Lincoln.
St Joseph’s took the lead within the first quarter of an hour, only to see them losing it as Europa pushed forward and equalised.
As the first half was coming to an end, St Joseph’s scored a second putting further pressure on Europa. With tensions rising, and St Joseph’s threatening in their counterattacks, a break away from St Joseph’s saw Europa lose one of their players for a tackle from behind to break the attack. With just ten men Europa’s match was destined to be an uphill struggle.
Coming out for the second half, Europa did not hesitate in attacking St Joseph who were content in standing back and playing on the counter attack. Such was the pressure from the ten man Europa, that even the St Joseph’s bench could be heard calling on their players to push up more as it seemed it was “them with one player less.”
Europa’s pressure, however, left them vulnerable at the back exposing their flanks. Although St Joseph’s counter attacked their lack of foresight to use the right flank meant that Europa were able to contain the attacks. It was only as the match reached its finale that an over exposed Europa defence found itself on the backfoot with three St Joseph’s players breaking through with no defence in position.
Inevitably the breakthrough ended in St Joseph’s slotting in their third. The defeat means that Europa are now six points behind Lincoln, with the title now exclusively in the hands of Lincoln who have yet to lose a match this season.

To view full match image gallery click here

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