CoreSportGib exclusive stories on how Football tackles irregularities

CoreSportGib Weekly Magazine - issue 6In the latest edition of CoreSportGib reports that it understands that the Gibraltar Football Association has raised eyebrows over the changes being seen within the Angels FC club, and directly enquired as to the club affairs and changes, as they are required to do. The issues were brought before the club President and have since seen the GFA highlight and advise  that UEFA regulations, and GFA regulations are met by the club with all due diligence requirements met before approval can be given for the active participation of the persons who are believed to be behind the new investment into the club and any new coaching staff. Coresportgib further understands that at the time of writing no officially endorsed approval has as yet been granted with the process still ongoing.

CoreSportGib further reveals how at least one of the new players is a Brazilian who played in the Brazilian first division.

In another report CoreSportGib reveals how football in Gibraltar is keeping its eyes on betting trends following among the concerns an investigation into some irregularities which have been raised involving local league players alleged to have placed bets online with respect to Gibraltar football matches.

This plus all the sports news, match reports, from Futsal (including how two teams have been dropped from the first division), Hockey, Basketball, Athletics, Rugby and Rowing among other sports.
Issue 6 is now available at

CoreSportGib Weekly Magazine - issue 6

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