Former England international talks about void in Gibraltar football

Former England, Liverpool and Southampton international legend Mark Wright today presented the forthcoming Premier legends v corporate tournament which is to be held in Gibraltar. Also introducing the proposed children’s coaching academy day to be held at the same time when football legends will provide coaching to local children.

Mark Wright further pointed out that his objective was not solely to bring Premier League Legends to Gibraltar but to offer an opportunity to help and develop football in Gibraltar and leave a legacy from which football in Gibraltar could benefit into the future. Speaking frankly at the press conference he highlighted how he had already had a chance to see some of the level of football among the younger players and  had noted that some players would not be out of place in top level clubs in the UK. However, as he pointed out, he had also observed that there was a void which he felt needed to be filled in Gibraltar between the ages of 12 and 16 which could see some players not develop to their full potential and that there were areas of concern such as players not having the level of competition which would allow them to progress further in their football due to the differences in standards of football between teams and players.

Wright went on to outline some of his ideas for the possibility of a football academy in Gibraltar as a way of maybe filling the void.

A full report on Mark Wright’s press call will be featured in CoreSportGib this week.

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