Futsal announces squad for friendly but raises criticism from some teams

Futsal National Squad ahead of the forthcoming international friendly was announced last night. All players have been requested to attend a meeting and training on Monday 22nd February 2016 @ 20:15 at the Tercentenary Sportshall Reception Area

The players selected are:

Joseph Victor Borg – College 1975 FC

Naoufal El Andaloussi – Gib Scorpions FC

Soufian Hanafi – Gib Scorpions FC

Andrew John Lopez – Glacis United FC

Brian Perez – Gunwharf FC

Antonio Ortega Peire – Hercules FC

Kyle John Moreno – Humphries FC

Ian Rodriguez – Lynx FC

Joshua Cuby – Maccabi Alef

Eli Cohen – Maccabi Alef

Liam Clark – Mons Calpe SC

Kailan Perez – Mons Calpe SC

Karl Parody – Rock 54 FC

Michael Craig De La Rosa – Rock 54 FC

Jayce Consigliero – Rock 54 FC

Dylan Baglietto – Rock 54 FC

Ernest James De Torres – Rock 54 FC

Zane Holgado – Rock 54 FC

Dwayne Michael – Rock 54 FC

Ethan Perez – Rock 54 FC

Michael Rodriguez – Rock 54 FC

Mark Peter Moxham – St Josephs FC

Lee Jeky Buhagiar – St Josephs FC

Paul Tyson Ruiz – St Josephs FC

Jamie Lee Walker – St Josephs FC

Liam Elliot Franco – Stallions FC

Carl Linares – Youngboys Gibraltar FC

Jamie Linares – Youngboys Gibraltar FC


The inclusion of third and  fourth division team players has led to some criticism after players from third division leaders Titans have been left out of the squad. Titans who last December beat Rock 54 (seen as the Under 21 squad) by 5-3 have a 100% record in the league, six points ahead of second placed Rock 54 and with their top goal scorer, Olivero also the division’s top scorer.

The announcement of the selected players has led to social media criticisms over the exclusion of some players some believe should have been had a try out at least.

It has also been reported that some players have been approached to play for the national team but have rejected the offer, opting out of being selected. Many due to work commitments which makes it difficult for them to commit to the training and commitment to play on the day.

Details about the matches have as yet not been released, with the dates times and teams playing still not publicly announced.


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One thought on “Futsal announces squad for friendly but raises criticism from some teams

  1. Hi just to let you know that we have not been apporached by the gfa and declined due to work, this was the case for one of my player last year kevagn origo who could not make it due to his previous job, but concerning this year no approach whatsoever.

    Titans manager

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