A bit confused?dont worry we have changed name titles

Since the beginning of 2016 Core Photography has refocused its news coverage to focus on local sports events as part of our overall strategy. Among the things we have done is create a new digital publication CoreSportGib which is published every Thursday through the Issuu.com platform (to see our archives click here).

It made no sense keeping our former title branding for the blog still mentioning the news aspect of our operations and therefore we have decided to rebrand the page to truly show what we do. This is why today this page will now show up as CoreSportGib Blog. We are the same people, this is all part of Core Photography, however, as has been seen in recent weeks the blog is an update of snippet news items of sports, things to come in relation to our publication, and updates.

Readers will also be able to obtain sports news updates via the blog, although our focus is on our weekly digital publication which will come out every Thursday.

Please feel free to give our recent issues a browse, you will not be disappointed if you are a sports enthusiast, or merely someone who has some interest in sport. Our latest issue is a 132 page publication, probably one of the largest publication on Gibraltar sport yet published, and we hope to progress on this.

Our images galleries can still be found at our main image gallery site www.corephotographygibraltar.com and still includes our news image coverage, although you will find more sports images in it than every before. Simply because we have refocused our attention to a market which we felt was not fully catered for and which we ourselves have a passion for.

We do hope you will enjoy the changes, and we hope our blog will become a useful resource for people to keep up with what is happening locally, especially in the sports world.

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