Time to support Gibraltar’s national team 

Editorial comment – Twelve young ladies will walk out to the centre court on Friday at the Tercentenary Sports Hall to represent Gibraltar in the Europe Under 17 Netball Championships. 

Months of training, day after day will have gone past. Selected from a group of young ladies who had trained for six months solid together, it is now on their young shoulders to do Gibraltar proud. Indeed expectations are high.

Yet on the day they walk out onto the court they will already have done Gibraltar netball proud.

After watching them train, compete in the league and overcome odds on the not so friendly environment of warm up matches against senior select teams it is the team spirit and progression of this team that will have done us proud. 

Under the watchful eye of their coaches team Gibraltar have created an elite set of players whose rhythm on the court, passing, movement to free space is a delight to watch.

Last Friday the team played one of their routine warm up matches. 

The movement in passing, the communication between players, without the need to speak at times, the energy in intercepts, the running into open spaces and importantly the team spirit between them was astonishing to see from a Gibraltar side.

Those who have had the chance to see them already spoke with pride of how this was probably the best formed national squad from all of Gibraltar sports, and indeed coming out of the training grounds one could only support this view.

There was no arguing, no individualism, no ego trips. The young ladies listened to their coaches, they listened to their teammates, importantly they did what they had been advised and listened again. Something that in many other sports is difficult to find on the field of play, especially among a whole collective such as one single team. A testament if any to the manner in which Netball Gibraltar has developed the ethos behind which its players perform on the court.

Win or lose the young ladies will have worked for their achievements to be named as the players to walk out on court.

Gibraltar hosts the Under 17 championship this very Friday, in two years time it will host the Under 21.

It is now Gibraltar that must work to be named as the extra player to stand behind them as they take on their visiting rivals and bid to become European champions. A feat which is not beyond this set of players. A feat which could take this very players to bid to become Under 21 champions in 2018 if Gibraltar stands behind them this week.

The Championship starts on Friday and everyday throughout the weekend the matches will be on. Gibraltar play on Friday at 10, on Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 1pm. Think about it, have you got time to walk to the stadium and watch? Let’s make them proud!!

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