Lions v Angels… Could it be another upset?

Angels are poised to take on Lions this Sunday in what has already been a weekend of shocks and strange happenings. Glacis win last night against Europa now places them above Manchester 62. Europa seem well out of contention unless Lincoln suddenly lose their way as the season reaches its final phase, which is unlikely after yesterday’s win against Gibraltar United.

With Angels having already beaten St Joseph their match today will have many wondering. Lions game play suits Angels down to a tee. Angels enjoy quick counter attacks and running at defences, relying on a much improved defensive back four which does not rely on its front men to come back and build a brick wall around the penalty area. Lions like to play the ball on the ground and build play through their midfield. Something Angels have lately proven they handle well making it difficult for both Lynx and St Joseph in the past weeks.

With Lions firepower up front somewhat firing on empty’s in recent weeks, and Angels buoyed by their success as the team gels together the match could well see another bottom of the table team taking points.

Underestimating Angels at this point of the season with the changes they have made has led to teams stunned on the pitch.

Angels will be looking at gaining maximum points as they still have a mathematical chance of staying in the first division.

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