Lynx go third without playing

Lynx FC have leapfrogged St Joseph, after the latter were deducted both the points and goals scored against Manchester 62. This has placed Lynx third in the table equal in points to St Joseph, and equal in goal difference.

The deduction of points to St Joseph has been officially confirmed via the GFA website that shows the score between Manchester 62 and St Joseph as 3-0 to Manchester 62 (even though in actual physical play they lost).

The league table also sees  Manchester 62 leapfrog Britannia, placing them one point above Britannia. Lions are now just three points from St Joseph’s and Lynx, with the third place spot now open to be challenged for.

In other news, Lincoln’s Lee Casciaro, who received a yellow card on Saturday is not expected to play after players sanctioned on Saturday face a two match suspension.

Gibraltar United are also expected not to play with Goldwyn, Buhagiar and Perez in their match tomorrow against Lions in the Rock Cup Quarter Final due to the two match sanction imposed.


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