Sunday could see Mons Calpe lead Division 2

Mons Calpe are due to play against Boca Juniors on Sunday in a match which could place Mons Calpe at the top of Division two throughout the Easter period.

Mons Calpe who are second to Europa Point by two points would jump over Europa Point who are not scheduled to play until the 10th April their next match against Pheonix. The battle for the top second division spot will then intensify that same week as Mons Calpe play Magpies the following day, and Europa Point play Red Imps on the Sunday.

With just two points between the two the automatic top spot is still open to how both teams perform in the coming weeks. The runner up will them be expected to play against the second last team in the first division for a place in the first division. This could see the likes of Mons Calpe and Europa Point or even Pheonix or Magpies who are still within distance to close the gap playing against the likes of either Gibraltar United, Glacis or Britannia or even Manchester 62 who today received three unexpected points after their initial defeat against St Joseph was reversed. Angels are not expected to claw back the gap of ten points between them and the team directly above them which is at present Gibraltar United.


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