Woods & Beiso admit foreign input is a problem

In an interview on BBC World Service both National team coach Jeff Wood and GFA Chief Secretary Denis Beiso have admitted that the balance of foreign players in Gibraltar is not conducive to the development of local home-grown players.

Speaking to the BBC World Service Jeff Wood commented that he was “not always sure for the future it is the best thing because it is stunting the development of local players.”

Denis Beiso GFA Chief Secretary stated that “its a delicate balance to strike, but we (GFA) have the wrong balance at the moment, I would agree with those people that say there are far too many foreign players that are coming at this stage of our development.” Further adding that he believed younger home-grown players were not coming in and that he was worried it would affect the national squad progress.

Beiso indicated that there was a need to provide a better balance that would allow for foreign players to come in to increase the level of football in Gibraltar but not restrict local home-grown players from developing.

For his part Peter Cabezutto, Director and owner of Europa FC explained the reasons as to why foreign players are brought in to compete and what attracts them to Gibraltar.

Revealing a player of his was wanted by one of the European teams they played against in the Europa League qualifiers.


BBC interview online Click here to listen (external link)

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