Gibraltar futsal international asked to choose between futsal and eleven aside

Midfielder Andrew Lopez was dropped from the Gibraltar United team for yesterdays match against Lions, as he prepared for the forthcoming futsal international against Scotland. The midfielder who has played both futsal and 11 aside during the past season played this weekend’s last futsal league matches and is now preparing as part of the national squad selected to play futsal against Scotland at the end of the month.

With just six matches left for the end of the first division senior domestic league Gibraltar United CoreSportGib understands has given the player a choice to either choose between eleven aside or futsal. The player who when asked did not wish to comment as he wished to remain in good relations with the club, confirmed that he will be proceeding with his futsal for the time being for which he will be representing Gibraltar at the end of April and would not comment further on the issue. Lopez has already scored at international level in futsal and is one of the key players expected to equal his previous feat again.

Gibraltar futsal are expected to play against Scotland and later on this year against Andorra.

Whilst there has been no official comments over Lopez’s decision CoreSportGib understands that Gibraltar United manager has spoken out against players playing both futsal and eleven aside prior to the latest incident after he watched key players from his team play both on the same match days. Robert Montovio and Pitu being among some of the players that have played in both leagues at the same time.

Speaking to CoreSportGib just after the transfer window at the end of the festive season the Gibraltar United manager indicated that he would prefer players not to play both and would support moves which would stop players playing for other clubs in futsal whilst playing for another in eleven aside.

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