officially launched as a domain

After months of testing out which route we would take Core Photography publishers of CoreSportGib has reached a decision which we hope will develop our sports image service further and bring us to the forefront in relation to sports reporting coverage on the Rock.

Our digital publication was a success in its own right, however, so were our blogs and image galleries, and due to this we have decided to move away from the digital publication which we were hosting at and concentrate on providing what we think brings to you a more efficient and reliable service. After looking over the statistics we realised that whilst the magazine was increasing in readership base, the blog service had consistently stayed on par with the digital magazine and there had been a drop in the visits to our image galleries, mainly due to the fact we were delaying the galleries until the end of the week, defeating the purpose of our initial aims when we first started. This we have no rectified.

As from now our sports images and reports will be available through one central service,

The website will provide links to the image galleries, provide brief news reports and stories and will link up with all our social media networks to provide readers notifications of what is happening across a wider platform.

Users will be able to find our news faster and easier using either our social networks or the website itself through which everything will be linked up to.

This will ultimately mean that we are also going to be quicker in presenting our reports and images to you. Instead of the weekly digital magazine, we will now be looking at bringing you the latest news as soon as we possibly can (and no this does not always mean immediately as we are not aiming to be a live news feed service). Believe it or not, this means actually we can concentrate more on sports coverage as we no longer will have to produce a digital publication on a set deadline. However, as we have mentioned we will not be looking at providing a live news service as that is not our aim. We will continue to bring you our stories and images as soon as possible keeping our style or reporting and image taking. will keep the same philosophy we have followed throughout since we started with our sports coverage, and that is to promote, inform and assist in local sports. We are not an opinion page, or opinion editorial and we will not enter politics either.

Actually or main focus has always been to bring you the best sports image captures, and that is one thing we will concentrate on, with the added bonus that we can also provide updates on events as they happen.

Crucially or service is a fulltime service, and we will be offering our services such as images and advertising and sponsorship spaces.

All our images are available for purchase both for personal and editorial use from our main photographic website at Images will include captions or reports and can be purchased online directly from our website.

Advertising space will be available at for any prospective sponsors.

The service will continue under review during the next few months, with any changes or developments we feel necessary taking place. Our aim is to provide a good service, and we hope our readers will support us. After all even free sports news services cost money to run.

All this means that Core Photography can also resume its role as a news and events service without confusing readers as we can provide a split between our news and sports service via the use of

We will therefore see far more news and events coverage on the front page galleries of in the near future.

We thank you for your continued support and hope that our new service (which comes in time for the long weekend sports) meets your expectations.


Stephen Ignacio

Core Photography

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