League deciders start today

St Joseph 4-0 Gibraltar UnitedThe first of the weekend deciders starts today as Gibraltar United face St Josephs Fc at 2030hrs. Although St Joseph are within the top four of the league Gibraltar United hope to secure points against them to ensure their safety in the first division.

With Britannia XI having lost this Wednesday a draw would place them equal on points, whilst a win would place them above Britannia. A defeat would keep them rooted below Britannia, but with the options to gain points from their last matches, one of which is against Angels.

St Joseph’s have little to play for except pride as they continue to seek finishing third in the table.

Tomorrow also sees the chance for Lincoln Red Imps to secure the Champions crown as they play Angels. The latter is already a doubtful participant after turning up with just seven players for their last match against Europa. With Angels already relegated the team is said to have disintegrated in the past few weeks with players already said to have indicated that they are parting ways with the club.

Lincoln seem to have an easy ride tomorrow with jut one point making sure they stay at the top, and a win ensuring its is fully confirmed, even mathematically.

One thought on “League deciders start today

  1. Too many teams with little to play for except …..money rewards depending on league position has been suggested as well as for each Cup round…both League Cup and Rock Cup

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