Futsal sees start of Play-offs Today

(to see more of this seasons futsal images click here)

The Tercentenary Sports Hall is expected to be a hive of excitement today as four first division futsal teams battle it out for top spot with the start of the Play Offs.

Just before the Final Four Play-offs, which is a route to Europe for the winner, the Relegation Play-off will be played out between Cannons (bottom last) and Mons Calpe (2nd Div 2), the winner will have a chance to compete in the first division next season.

This will be followed at 1700hrs by the Rock Cup Semi Final match between Gib Phoenix FC Eclipse and  Gib Scorpions FC B.

At 1900hrs the first of the Final Four play-offs will kick off between Scorpions and Lynx followed by the Glacis v St Joseph Play-off.


Gibraltar FA Futsal Fixtures 30/04 – 01/05

Sat 30/04 – Tercentenary Sportshall

15:00 Cannons FC vs Mons Calpe SC (Div 1 Playoff)
17:00 Gib Phoenix FC Eclipse vs Gib Scorpions FC B (Rock Cup Semi Final)
19:00 Gib Scorpions FC Optima vs Lynx FC (Final Four Playoff)
21:00 Glacis Utd FC vs St Josephs FC Spark Energy (Final Four Playoff)

Sun 01/05 – Tercentenary Sportshall

13:30 Leo Bastion FC vs Maccabi Alef (Div 2)

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