Winners of the personal awards in Interschool Hockey

Hockey Interschool Finals Day
(To see full gallery of images from the Interschool hockey including the awards click here)

These were the personal awards in last week’s Interschool Hockey.
Personal achievements:

Junior girls
Most improved players: Sarah Wood, Louise Hyde, Elena Garcia- Sanchez, Hannah Cabezutto, Stella Rodriguez and Aitana Bado
Best players: Maia Norton, Janella Johnson, Charlotte Scott, Alexa Tilbury-Chang, Anna Hernandez and Eva Devincenzi

Top goal scorer: Lucia Olivera

Junior boys
Most improved players: Julian Correa, Jonathan Sciortino, Jamie Brays-Prettyjohns, Sam Sheriff, Leon Thick and Dylan Saxby

Best players: Lee Mifsud, Sebby Diaz-Mateos, Antonio Marfil, Shay Green and Aidan Mansfield

Top goal scorer: Lee Chipolina

Outstanding performance: Jyan Duo

Senior girls
Most improved player: Cellene Griffin,Amy Asquez, Anika Jain, Cristina Diaz-Mateos, Poppy Hall and Maya Breeze

Best player: Tiffany Ellul, Reighann Olivero, Julia Dona-Pastoriza, Renee Marcus and Briana Prescott

Top goal scorer: Reighann Olivero

Outstanding performance: Jimena Bocanegra-Hallin

Senior boys:
Most improved player: Joey Sacarello, Lee Soiza, Joseph Mann, Jesse Strobbe, Matthew Bossano, Stevie Linares and Ethan Bocarisa

Best player: Luca Howard, Hugo Alvarez-Saavedra, Kyle Clinton, Ethan Balban and Shaun Rocca

Top goal scorer: Jamie Caetano

Outstanding performance: Julian Laguea and Jamie Caetano

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