Cardiff University Unrelenting Attitude Takes The Points

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Cardiff University came to play hockey and win, that was the attitude they brought to Victoria Stadium hockey stadium in their first match against Navax.

From the word go Cardiff were running at Navax pinning them into their area. With three front ladies Cardiff were pressing from upfront. Navax defense found themselves swarmed with up to three players would pounce on them to the ball when they broke forward from rare Navax attacks in the first half.

Navax did not yield and maintained a tight defensive game which impeded the darting runs from Cardiffs frontline to get too many chances at goal.

Focused on their defense Navax repelled Cardiffs’s attempts even by the goalmouth.

A sunny Spring day was seeing one of the best hockey on the pitch between two battling teams looking to win. Navax trying get their win to finish top of their pool whilst Cardiff was just starting their campaign.

With three minutes to go for the first half Cardiff eventually broke through with Eliza Brett to hit the ball into the back of the goal to end the first half 1-0 up.

Navax came out a different team in the second half. Within minutes of the start they pounced forward to slot the equalizer in. A couple of minutes later Navax scored again to go 2-1 up.

Cardiff shell shocked were not to stand still. A quick attack saw them stretch a stick to push the ball past the keeper and equalize. Cardiff were not panicking and instead trying to bring the game back to their control.

Cardiff scored their third to take the lead and found themselves pushed back again. Their frontline was pushed back to defend in the last ten minutes as Navax went for the equalizer. A play from a short corner saw ball go just wide.

At 3-2 Cardiff were not taking for granted and on every attempt played fast forward trying to get their fourth. Navax responded by themselves pressing forward as they sought the equalizer. The final minutes saw some very fast paced hockey.

With less than 30 seconds on the clock Cardiff defended one short corner then faced another. With the buzzer for the end it was a matter of scramble it out, which Cardiff did to win 3-2.

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