Gibraltar “only just” defeated by Malta in Netball Europe Open Championship

Gibraltar Netball’s latest match in Netball Europe Open Championship in the UK saw Gibraltar play against Malta today. It was a close match in which Gibraltar were behind at Half time by 19-17. The match stayed a close affair ending in Malta winning by five points at 31-26.


Results up to now

Netball Europe Open Championships 2016

(May 12-15, 2016, Sport Central, Northumbria University, Newcastle) 

Open Challenge

Day 1 (Thursday 12th May)
Malta 41 USA 51
Grenada 87 Israel 19
Republic of Ireland 56 Gibraltar 21
Switzerland 42 USA 53
Israel 14 Republic of Ireland 72
Gibraltar 38 Grenada 82
Day 2 (Friday 13th May)
Malta 23 Switzerland 38
Israel 17 Gibraltar 51
Republic of Ireland 53 Grenada 59
Israel 35 Malta 51
Day 3 (Saturday 14th May)
USA 33 Republic of Ireland 44
Switzerland 24 Grenada 78
Malta 31 Gibraltar 26
Grenada 73 USA 29

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