Hawks lose their second game in a row

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Hawks started a bit timid in the first couple minutes conceding a short corner. Luckily keeper Glover was there to block to keep them in the game. Duo was a then there to chase back and stop Tauras forward going on goal by herself. With just ten minutes gone Hawks were facing a Tauras in their D quickly and their players slow in coming back from short corners.”Wakie wake came the call from the bench.

With just 20 minutes gone the defense had defended against some six short corners, luckily Tauras had not capitalized on them, mainly thanks to Glovers reaction in at least half of them.

The goal inevitably came from a short corner where players seemed reluctant to defend after the umpire had to point out only two players were on the line.

Even when going forward Hawks found themselves not supporting each other in the first part of the half. Very much playing under par.

Hawks went 2-0 from a terrific slammed shot from just inside the D, slicing through the defense.

With seven minutes to go Glover was again at her best coming out at the feet to block a slammed shot to go to the applause of the crowd.

Hawks were beginning to get into the game as the half was ending.

The second half saw Hawks attacking more, however they made little headway to reduce the gap, mistakes costly them dearly. With less than ten minutes to go Tauras scored their third from yet another short corner play. Hawks played it out, shoulders shrugged knowing that this was their second defeat in two days. Their next match is on Sunday against local rivals Eagles.

With Tauras having scored three against Hawks Eagles need to win to ensure first place in Pool B.

The match did see a reasonable crowd turn up late with about 200 people plus watching.


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