Cardiff University top Pool A with second win in Eurohockey

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An early sunny Sunday morning saw Cardiff University play Mladost in the Eurohockey Club Championship Challenge III Pool A. Neither team could ill afford a defeat. Mladost had come to the match already having been defeated by Navax, whilst Cardiff had beaten the latter. A loss by Cardiff would place all three teams with the same points.Cardiff run at Mladost from the start, chasing to cut crosses and push forward. Mladost were well placed and keeping control of the pace of the match playing with calmness, not forced to fasten their pace at first.

Cardiff spread the ball well and pushing Mladost into their half throughout most of the first half.

Towards the end of the first half Mladost turned the tables and started to push hard up front pinning Cardiff back. Determined defending kept them out. With 3 minutes left Gibraltarian umpire Espinosa gave Cardiff a short corner after a quick break saw Mladost tumble the Cardiff attacker. The Croats were lucky not to concede with a good save from the keeper.

With 23 minutes to go in the second half, and on the third consecutive short corner Cardiff broke the deadlock. A deflected shot hitting the backboard for the first.

Mladost had little opportunity to look for the equalizer as Cardiff pressed forward for the second. A break through the middle saw Cardiff come up with the 2-0 with 15 minutes to go for the end.

Mladost saw a couple of attempts well blocked by the Cardiff keeper with ten minutes to go. They soon lost their impetus as time went on with some players shoulders down and not chasing with the same energy at times.

Cardiff had slowed their own pace towards the end and were holding more than prodding forward for the third. Mladost tried to go forward but Cardiff still had the threat of quick breaks in the favor which kept Mladost keeping players back in defense.

With six minutes Mladost had a short corner which was wasted.

The score was to remain the same, The Croats having very to no opportunities to shorten distance and put their name on the scoreboard.

Cardiff who had come as favorites topping the Pool A group.


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