Wilson appointed head coach at Lions

Press release from Lions FC :- Enterprise Insurance and Lions Gibraltar FC are extremely pleased to announce that the Gibraltar National Assistant Coach Dave Wilson will take over as Head Coach of the Lions Gibraltar FC. At the end of last season Dave stepped in to help the Lions and Rafa Bado out in a mutually beneficial relationship that all parties believe was successful. We would like to thank the GFA for allowing Dave to come to our aid and also thank Rafa Bado himself for stepping up from the playing ranks with his experience and guiding the team from the touchline. Mr Wilson will now take the Lions onto the next stage of our development as this season we increased our standing to 4th in the league on goal difference an excellent effort from everyone involved with the club.

Dave Wilson would also like to add the following:

“It was and is an honour to have been offered the opportunity to be involved with Lions Gibraltar FC towards the close of the season. The club offered me assistance when I needed more time on the training ground to hone my developing skills so it was a good fit for both parties. For the club to now ask me to continue the development of the club both in pre-season and in the season ahead is both an honour and a privilege.

Lions FC have a great history. During my recent spell I was able to spend time around the players, the back room staff and also the club house, giving me a feel for a club that I believe has not only 50 years of history but great potential in Gibraltar football. During this time, it became apparent I wanted to do more than just gain coaching time – I wanted to be part of a new history for Lions and Gibraltar. Steering the club forward using both the club’s fantastic youth set up and talent scouting to developing local talent that fit our style of play beginning in our 50th year. More than that I genuinely believe that using my experience as a pro footballer and more importantly during the past 4 years within the ranks of the GFA it is this grass roots coaching that is most important in developing our football stars of the future. It means hard work and coaching week in week out with the young players of the future and for me that work begins with the Lions.

Its going to be tough competing against the league’s seasoned managers and talented players, but I feel with the right players, coached the right way, Lions will become a club who promote hard working players. Who will develop a playing style that our fans love and opposition fans applaud.


I’ve spoken to our national team coach Jeff Wood and he fully understands my need at this stage in my development to be coaching more than once a week or month. It’s beneficial for me to coach players who perform weekly, where both the player and my development is measurable in a competitive league form. I need to progress and improve while learning my trade, so when a opportunity to manage a great club like Lions Gibraltar FC arises, its very hard to say no! My first steps on the coaching ladder where afforded me by the GFA, this is forever where my heart lies. I hope to continue to serve our National team at every level for as long as they need me, as honestly and hard working as I have done for the last 4 years. In order to do that job to the best of my ability I must improve as a coach and working within our premier league gives me that chance. 

I look forward to the battle that is securing the right players for the new season, our pre-season training and meeting everyone involved at Lions young and old over the exciting months ahead.”  

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