Mons Calpe sink Britannia to second division as they get promoted

An incredible tale of two halves was lived at Bictorua Stadium in the promotion play off.

Britannia took the early lead with a powerful header from a corner putting them 1-0 up. Mons Calpe found few opportunities and seemed destined to stay in the second division until the second half started.

An incredible twist in dates took shape as Mons Calpe struck back early with a power strike that rocketed into the net. Buoyed by the equaliser and sensing Britannia’s vulnerabilities Mons Calpe set to the attack. Quick breaks down the flanks, trying to break past a shaken defence saw a ball duped over the Britannia keeper for the 2-1.

Britannia in the same way their season had seen them sink halfway through the season saw their match sink halfway through the match. Tough tackles, yellow cards, even one man down Mons Calpe sensed they had a chance to go up and held their position not allowing Britannia space to threaten.

Mons Calpe claimed victory and will now take up Britannias place in the first division.

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