Weekend’s Futsal Fixtures and Results

Saturday 01/10
Luisito Bonavia Trophy – Tercentenary Sportshall
20:00 Lynx FC vs Gib Phoenix FC
Division 1 – Tercentenary Sportshall
16:00 St Josephs FC vs Mons Calpe SC
18:00 Gunwharf FC vs Glacis Utd FC H&B

Division 3 – Victoria Sportshall
15:00 Lions Gibraltar FC vs Boca Juniors Gib FC
16:30 Hercules FC Bonmilk vs Hounddogs FC
18:00 Laguna 55 FC vs Red Imps FC Lek Bangkok
19:30 Saints New Team FC vs Moroccan Athletic
21:00 Newton Store FC vs Special Olympics

Sunday 02/10
Division 2 – Tercentenary Sportshall
09:00 Maccabi A vs Cannons FC
10:30 Gib Titans FC vs Gibraltar Utd FC
12:00 Leo Bastion FC vs St Josephs FC South Trade
13:30 Stallions FC vs Rock 54 FC Securitek
15:00 Rock Solid FC vs Youngboys Gib FC

Division 4 – Victoria Sportshall
15:00 Maccabi B vs VR Solutions Laguna
16:30 Bavaria FCC vs Blands Group Int FC
18:00 Britannia FC vs South United FC
19:30 Sporting FC vs Humphries FC
21:00 Europa FC vs Atlas Lions FC

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