Bula departs from Lynx after defeat against Lincoln

Allen Bula’s fourth domestic league match at the helm of Lynx FC was to be his last for the club as he saw the yellow’s sink to a consecutive fourth defeat of the season. The former National squad coach saw out a 4-0 defeat against a rampant Lincoln Red Imps which left his side firmly fixed to the bottom of the table.
Speaking several hours after the match owner director Albert Parody confirmed that the club and the former national coach Allen Bula had reached a mutual agreement which would see Bula stepping down from his position and give way to a replacement.
Pressure had been on for Lynx to come up with a better performance than on previous matches.
They were however to see how Lincoln took an early lead and head into half time with a 3-0 lead.
Cabreras, Lincoln’s forward, made a first half return stamping his mark immediately. The young forward, who has been out of action since the start of the season due to injury took just thirty seconds to score with his first touch of the ball. Chasing a long ball through the centre of the field a clever off the ball move which allowed the ball to bounce past him to gain a stride from the defender saw Cabrera just needing to hit the ball after gaining space away from the defender. The ball rocketing into the back of the net past a hapless Lynx keeper beaten for the third time in the first half.
It is now expected that owner Albert Parody will temporarily take over touchline functions of the club whilst he decides the future. Parody last season led Lynx into a mid table position after a similar bad start to the season. Parody had stepped away from the coaching to concentrate on the running of the club at the end of the season bringing in Bula for the start of the 2017/18 season.
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